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MXHandStand Awarded US Patent!

The MXHandStand has been awarded US Patent Number 8,066,235 B1! This is a lengthy process, but we finally got it. Click here to read more about this exciting news!

The Most Complete Off-Road Stand Available
Dirt Rider magazine called it, "creatively-designed" and said that their favorite aspect about the MXHandStand was that, " varies in height and pad angle to get any standard dirt bike up with one or both wheels off the ground, and the adjustability is perfect for those bikes that can't do the full two-wheel hover on a flat stand." We appreciate that as it is just what we wanted the MXHandStand to do!
  • Easily leverage your bike up onto an adjustable platform that allows either wheel to be elevated
  • Independently adjustable legs for overall height as well as the abiility to compensate for uneven ground
  • Foldable to less than 3" for easy transport & storage
Motocross Action magazine said, "It's a fully adjustable, fold-up, lever-style bike stand. This is a throwback stand from the 1970s that has been updated for a new generation."

Imagine, no more lifting your bike up onto a box stand when your tired after a race or trail ride. No more burning your hand on the exhaust pipe when you grab the back of your bike to lift it. Instead of doing any lifting, just press down on the handle and easily leverage your bike up onto the platform quickly and easily.

Once your motorcycle is on the stand, you simply adjust the angle of the platform, by threading the support rod in or out, so that either wheel is off the ground. See the animated image below to understand exactly how the adjustable platform allows either wheel to be elevated.


Since the legs are independently adjustable, you can adjust them for overall height as well uneven terrain. Your motorcycle can sit perfectly vertical so it is safe and secure and won't fall off the MXHandStand.

When you are done and need to load up, the MXHandStand folds flat in about 10 seconds to less than three inches wide, making it easy to store in your truck, van or garage.

Click here to see a video that shows you all the advantages of the MXHandStand and just how easy it is to use. You can go directly to the Purchase page to buy your MXHandStand now. The Products page shows optional items for the MXHandStand as well.

MXHandStand - U.S. Patent 8,066,235 B1. Copyright © 2012, MXHandStand and 218 Designs, LLC.